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"I come from a proud, patriotic, military family that wants to see America free as we are meant to be. I want to work for you. We need to stop tyrannical government overreach, empower states to ensure their elections are secure (FIX 2020), reestablish for those in the back that the 2nd Amendment is not to be messed with, and root out corruption on both sides of the aisle!"



As a doctor in a medical field, I find it appalling what is happening in the world of supposed health right now! Governments are using the advice of doctors and scientists who stand to benefit financially if the government listens to them. This has led to unnecessary lockdowns, forced wearing of medical devices, and threats/bribes to take an unproven vaccine for a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate! There is no time, no reason, where the U.S. Constitution should be suspended. I will fight to stop the abhorrent government overreach which has not been based in science and that has destroyed families, livelihoods, and communities across the country! And, I will fight to make sure that masks and vaccines remain voluntary as they should be! No one should be given an ultimatum to wear a medical device or inject an unproven vaccine in themselves to keep their jobs, attend school, or to do any other basic activities! That is not a choice, it is force!

FIX 2020

I will fight tooth and nail to fix 2020 if it is not fixed by the time I take office. I have seen plenty of evidence and Trump absolutely won, making Biden an illegitimate President! Even if it is fixed though, I will fight to maintain the Constitutionality of elections which says that the federal government has no business getting involved in them! I believe only state legislatures should be able to certify state elections, not various Secretaries of State! I believe the only time the federal government should have any involvement in states' elections is at the behest of a state legislature, or in the instance a lawsuit regarding elections makes it to the Supreme Court of the United States. No President, no U.S. Congress, and no Department of Justice has the right to get involved in any state's elections without being invited to do so by the state.


I grew up around guns. I began shooting at a very early age and hunting around 11 years old. I believe in the 2nd Amendment fully. In fact, I don't think it would be a bad idea for students to have a mandatory class in school to learn about guns at a minimum! Americans should be knowledgeable about guns, their parts, the types of guns and different ammunition, etc, so if they grow up to be a politician fighting against guns, they can at least use correct terminology (e.g. Biden calling rifles AR-14's)! I would fight in Congress to stop the infringement of the 2nd Amendment and all of the rest! We don't need any more guns laws! We all know it isn't overly easy to buy a gun right now and we all know that no matter how many laws are written, bad people will obtain guns illegally anyway! There is no reason to try and disarm good people unless you're a tyrannical government that seeks to take control of the population!


I believe that states should have control over their education systems and what is taught to children, moreso than they do now. My main priority in fighting for proper education at the federal level would be to fight against the racist Critical Race Theory that many are trying to indoctrinate our children with now and introducing legislation that would hold accountable teachers who use the classroom to teach their own personal agendas/beliefs on our children. Classrooms are a place to learn facts, not narratives! I would also fight for school choice, so that every parent/student could choose schools they want to go to, not just the school that is in their district! This would force subpar schools to improve so that they continue to get students, and it would force better schools to get even better!


We have to complete the task of securing our borders! While many who cross illegally are looking for a better life here, many gangs are seeking to exploit people on both sides of our border for money. The fact is, many very bad criminals use our southern border to do very bad things and it has to be stopped. Those who only seek a better life must do so through the correct processes as many millions of other legal immigrants have as well. We must finish the wall and support I.C.E.!


We need to reign in big tech. They can not be allowed to take millions from the government in taxpayer money, then censor people they do not agree with! While they may be considered a private business that can make their own rules, taking our money should lose them that privilege! Their censorship is a violation of our First Amendment Right to Free Speech because they accept our money! They need to be held accountable for the censorship and there needs to be clear laws moving forward that doesn't allow them to act like a publisher when it suits them and act like a platform when it suits them a different way!

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