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I don't know about you, but I am tired of these politicians who do not do what they say they will! I'm tired of electing "Republicans" who vote against conservative values! I am tired of members of BOTH parties working against America and our freedoms! I have chosen to run for office to use the power Tennesseans bestow on me to fight back against this, not just sit quietly in a corner!

My name is Dr. Dean Clouse. I am a Christian, Doctor of Physical Therapy, a US Air Force Veteran, a husband, a father, and a patriot of this great nation. I moved from Louisiana to Tennessee at 12 yrs old and have lived all over the state. I graduated high school from White County High School in 2005, then went to college at Tennessee Tech for 2 years before joining the Air Force. After my Honorable Discharge from the Air Force in 2012, I returned to Tennessee Tech then UT Health Science Center to get my Doctorate so that I can help people hurting in my community. I married my wife and we have had two amazing boys since then.

In 2020, I watched the election be stolen and I saw the proof of it provided. I watched both parties fight to cover it up and that is when I decided to run for Tennessee and America! Since then, I've watched our government at all levels become more tyrannical through fear, lies, and COVID measures seeking to gain control of us while most of our representatives do nothing to fight it! I think those we elect should wield the power we give them, not remain mostly silent. If elected, I plan to use the liberal tactic of being the loudest in the room against them. Being loud in the media, on social media, etc puts pressure on corruption! It draws attention to those not fighting for us! It shows America's politicians' true colors!

Not only do I plan to be loud, I plan to introduce real legislation to fight back against all of this! The time of do-nothing, quiet Republicans has come to an end! It is time we put real fighters in Congress to combat those who are self-serving and not serving us!

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